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Andy's Bouquets

Every bride wants her wedding to be the height of fashion. She clips images of flowers from magazines, books and the Internet. She wants her day to be a personal expression of her style and tastes. The floral designs are one way this visual image is created. Current design trends show bouquets that are on natural stems.

*Remember please call and set up a consultation appointment with Andy or staff so we can ensure your date and flowers. We don't want to be rushing last minute to make sure we can make your day exactly how you've imagined it.

Round Hand-tied, Formal Round, or Nosegay Bouquets

The flowers are tightly packed into the round form, sometimes with filler or soft foliage placed between the blossoms for a delicate effect. This technique allows the flowers' individual textures and contrasting forms to be more important in the composition. These beautiful bouquets can be made in any size, depending on the flowers selected or quantity used.

Bouquets by Andy's Flower Shoppe Bouquets by Andy's Flower Shoppe Bouquets by Andy's Flower Shoppe

Traditional Cascade Bouquet

Cascading bouquets are abundant showpieces of opulent flowers. Today's cascades are created with a framework of soft flowing foliage's and flowers on their stems.

Arm Bouquet

Reminiscent of bygone eras, arm bouquets are another design option for today's bride. An arm bouquet can be constructed with small flowers, filler materials and foliage's for a garden look or with geometric blossoms and minimal foliage for a sculptured look. These bouquets can be cradled in one arm or casually carried at the side.